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Chili Technology's ChiliPad

Chili Technology’s ChiliPad

BodyRyzm LifeSciences

Last month at the International Housewares Association’s Hot Housewares for the Holidays event in New York City, BodyRyzm LifeSciences introduced the QiPillow, a trademarked product which the company said is the world’s first and only medical-grade sofa pillow. The QiPillow is clinically designed to help people improve their spinal alignment, maintain a healthy sitting posture and reduce the risk of stiffness, aches and pains in the lower back. Slated to debut at retail this coming fall, the pillow also offers a decorative element and the cozy touch of traditional sofa pillows. Noting that, on average, Americans watch four hours of television every day—mostly while sitting on a sofa—Patrick Lee, BodyRyzm’s president, said, “(The) QiPillow is  scientifically designed to help sofa lovers improve their comfort in sofas and beds, and maintain their well-being and Qi—the innate life force.” bodyryzm.com



Noted for its high-end, handmade mattresses, Hästens is also in the business of providing bed pillows and duvets. The company has recently unveiled a new collection of down-filled products, including pillows and duvets. The new products are all designed to complement the mattresses. This collection provides six firmness options for pillows and three weights for duvets. As with Hästens’ mattresses, the pillows and duvets are made entirely with natural materials, including feathers and 100 percent cotton outer shells. This ensures that the person sleeps at the optimum temperature. The company engaged in a considerable amount of engineering in designing the large cluster down to encourage the effective absorption and release of moisture via the hydrotransport system, thus ensuring a healthy and dry sleeping environment throughout the entire year. hastens.com

Chili Technology

Temperature control can make all the difference between a good night’s sleep and a night of tossing and turning—and frustration. To this end, Chili Technology has launched the ChiliBed and the ChiliPad, two products featuring a wireless thermostat control. The two products use a water-circulation system to regulate the temperature of the sleeping surface in either single or dual zones. The control unit heats or cools the water to a set temperature and circulates it through the pad or mattress. Generally, the temperature set by the control ranges between 55 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit on the bed surface. The dual-zone mattress or pad has independent controls, allowing couples to set and adjust individual sleep temperatures. The line, along with other Chili Technology products, offers pain relief for those suffering from menopause, night sweats, aching muscles, injuries, arthritis, osteoporosis and other health problems. chilitechnology.com

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Among the key introductions for Cuddledown at the New York International Gift Fair earlier this month is Water Lilies (pictured here), based on the company’s long-standing Monet collection, which has been at retail for more than 20 years. Water Lilies’ impressionistic pattern has a soothing color palette that coordinates with Cuddledown’s embroidered dragon-fly sheets and decorative pillows. It is made with 300 thread-count, 100 percent organic cotton—a fabrication that is featured on many of the company’s bedding collections. The company is also showcasing an expansion to its Seersucker collection, in the form of a fitted sheet with a durable and puckered weave. Cuddledown said the fabrication is as light and breathable as the apparel fabric, and the texture of the bedding gives a bedroom a soft and airy atmosphere. The third key introduction is an updated design of the Sophia bed ensemble. This is made with a 400 thread-count, 100 percent cotton sateen, and comes in a duvet cover and shams with a wrinkle-free finish. Also in the design is hand-sewn pin tucks, giving the design the look of comfort and a fresh feel. cuddledown.com

Home Comfort
The company spotlighted a new line of decorative pillows under its Jellybean brand at both the Atlanta Gift & Home Furnishings Show in January and this month’s New York International Gift Fair. “Coastal” is the design theme for all three pillows. The new products include the Adirondack Chair Pillow (pictured here), the Smiling Fish Pillow and the Sanibel Flip Flop Pillow. All three feature bright, sea-themed colorations and embroidered designs that evoke the feeling of summer at the beach. The design for each of these pillows is based on an accent-rug design from the Home Comfort collection. According to the company, the pillows can be paired with a Home Comfort accent rug or can be used on their own as colorful accents. Priced for wholesale at $12.25 each, the Jellybean brand pillows are available in 16-by-16-inch size, and are hand-hooked from a blend of polypropylene and acrylic fibers. The fibers are made from 35 percent recycled materials. All Jellybean pillows are washable and suitable for use indoors or outdoors. homecomfortrug.com

Textillery Weavers
The throw manufacturer is seeking to maintain its reputation for leading the way in color trends in home accents with a series of throws it is launching early this year. Typical of this approach is Style VH ST-PIC (pictured here), a woven throw that combines pickle and fern tones in a lightweight stripe design. Style VH ST-PIC is available in two sizes—42-by-72 inches with a suggested retail price of $245, and 52-by-72 inches with a suggested retail price of $310. Two other new throws—Style NM-PL PAMR and Style NM-PL PNUT—make use of red shades. So does Style VH PL D4, which is being geared for Winter 2010 and which is part of a twill series combining shades of dark green, gold, red and brown. “For the holidays, it’s always fun to design new red throws,” said Judith Rose, head designer for Textillery. “Red seems to transmit both energy and joy, bringing smiles to customers’ faces.” Style HLT PL-PVA, a heavyweight plush plaid design, blends shades of gold, putty and lichen with accents of amaretto, and is woven with rayon chenille and cotton club yarns. Rose said this is her favorite new throw in Textillery’s winter collection. “The throw is inherently interesting because of its many color changes, and yet it is neutral enough to go anywhere,” she said. textillery.com

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