Garnier-Thiebaut Moves to Expanded U.S. Headquarters



ARLINGTON, Va.-High-end textiles manufacturer Garnier-Thiebaut has relocated to an expanded corporate headquarters space here for its U.S. operation.

Measuring 6,000 square feet, the new headquarters combines showroom displays with the company’s U.S. offices. The showroom area offers concept displays with full settings of table linens and bed ensembles. A Garnier-Thiebaut statement said the enlarged space supports the company’s strategic plans to service both the hospitality industry and its growing operations in the retail trade.

Jean-Philippe Krukowicz, president and CEO, said, “The move reflects our continuing commitment to stay ahead of customer needs and demands by providing an ever-broader range of design and product offerings, and maintaining our speedy, industry-leading delivery throughout the U.S. retail market.”