7 W New York Launches Sales-Specialist Program



NEW YORK–The 7 W New York showroom building has debuted the Sales Specialist Initiative, which is intended to allow more of the building’s showrooms to take advantage of buyer traffic during and between markets.

The building has named Tania Perez-Nieves to the newly created position of head salesperson/showroom manager, responsible for leading this program and helping to represent showrooms during markets and regular business hours. Perez-Nieves reports to Toni Toreno, 7 W’s marketing manager. In this position, she will perform training and product/brand immersion services, provide buyers with product information and company contacts, communicate sales leads to company executives, ensure that buyer leads receive follow-up, make certain that showrooms are in order with proper signage displayed and provide outreach between buyers and the design community.

Prior to taking this post, Perez-Nieves served on the sales team for 7 W’s NYC Baby & Kids Fair. Her career also includes showroom-management positions for Aldik and Silvestri/Syratech.