Wüsthof Adds Chefs to “Defining the Edgë”

Wüsthof Edge Campaign

From left, Clayton Chapman, Ann Kim and Sam Gorenstein in Wüsthof’s new defining the Edgë ad

NORWALK, Conn.-Chefs Ann Kim of Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis, Sam Gorenstein of My Ceviche of Miami and Clayton Chapman of The Grey Plume in Omaha, Neb., have joined Wüsthof’s “Defining the Edgë” marketing campaign.

The additional chefs are part of phase three of the campaign, a multiplatform consumer marketing initiative debuted in 2012. Kim, whose pizzas incorporate unexpected flavors that harken back to her Korean background, will take on the role of the Mäverick. Gorenstein, whose takeout restaurant specializes in ingredients and flavors associated with fine-dining establishments, will be cast as the Nätural. Chapman, whose restaurant bases its contemporary cuisine on locally sourced ingredients and livestock, will take the role of the Artisän.

The new Edgë chefs will appear individually and together in the print editions of national publications such as Bon Appetit, Lucky Peach, Elle Décor, Surface, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, WSJ Magazine and FOUR Magazine. Also, they will be featured in single portrait ads placed in what Wüsthof, in a company statement, termed a “customized mix” of regional magazines that reflect their home base. Examples of these include Minnesota Monthly, Miami Magazine and Omaha Magazine.