TeleBrands and United Inventors Association to Co-Host Inventors Days



FAIRFIELD, N.J.–TeleBrands has teamed up with the United Inventors Association to co-host joint Inventors Days throughout the year, allowing UIA members to demonstrate their inventions to a panel of judges for the chance to have them join TeleBrands’ product line. The first one is scheduled for Oct. 11 in Cincinnati; the submission deadline is tomorrow.

Known for its As Seen on TV products, TeleBrands has been holding its own Inventors Days since last year, using an American Idol judging format, and the new partnership will be in addition to those. But while TeleBrands’ own inventor days are focused on products that can be sold in a minute or two on television, the Inventors Days with the UIA will also include an opportunity to show long-form product — a new format for TeleBrands for items that take longer to demonstrate and are higher priced — where inventors will have 30 minutes to demonstrate their product to the judges. In anticipation of entering the long-form category on television, TeleBrands hired Lynn Hamlin as vice president of infomercials this summer.

The Inventors Days with the UIA are open to UIA members only, and they have to apply through their UIA chapter. Future Inventors Days with the UIA will be held in different regions nationwide. Twenty-five finalists will then be invited to participate for each day. 

Similar to TeleBrands’ own Inventors Days, the days hosted with the UIA will also have a panel of three judges, which will include AJ Khubani, founder and CEO, TeleBrands, and Mark Reyland, executive director, UIA, along with a yet-unnamed third judge.

“We’re thrilled to team up with the United Inventors Association to continue to promote our TeleBrands Inventors Days,” said Khubani. “These ‘pitch-a-thons’ offer at-home inventors the opportunity to present their consumer products to our panel in the hopes of having the next As Seen on TV hit. The UIA clubs across the country work diligently to promote the creativity of inventors and to provide educational resources for bringing products to market. We’re happy to be an extension of that effort.”

Reyland added, “TeleBrands has created a successful model with their Inventors Days, allowing many at-home inventors the opportunity to present their products in an organized manner to a key team of decision-makers. By reaching out to the individual clubs associated with the United Inventors Association, we are hoping to see success for our members. Personally, I look forward to my first opportunity to serve as a judge on the Inventors Day panel to  provide further input and recommendations to inventors striving to live the American dream.”

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