M.E. Heuck Debuts Zeroca Brand of CarbonNeutral-Certified Cookware and Gadgets



MASON, Ohio—M.E. Heuck has launched Zeroca, which a company statement said is the first certified CarbonNeutral brand of cookware and kitchen gadgets.

The statement added that Zeroca has received its CarbonNeutral certification through partnerships with First Carbon Solutions and The CarbonNeutral Co., the latter of which owns the registered trademark for CarbonNeutral. The certification means that the products in the Zeroca brand have a carbon footprint of net zero, as measured, monitored and certified by the two organizations. Also, all pots and pans branded as Zeroca are made with 100 percent recycled steel and with responsibly farm-managed bamboo handles, the statement said.

Through the purchase of carbon offsets, every metric ton of carbon dioxide emitted by Zeroca (including energy consumption, transportation of sold products to the first customer, raw materials and waste management) is matched by an equivalent reduction of carbon dioxide in carbon-offset projects in the United States and around the world. M.E. Heuck said the projects supported by the Zeroca carbon offsets are the Big River/Salmon Creek Forestation program in California, and the Erbaqu Hydro Power and Guangdong Wind Power projects in China.