GuildMaster Announces First of Two Winners of Trip-Around-the-World Contest

Christie Blevins

Christie Blevins

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.–Out of the more than 2,600 sales reps who entered, Christie Blevins was selected at random as the winner of the GuildMaster Amazing Race, winning her the choice of $10,000 — or a trip for two around the world. She choose the trip, and will start in Italy with her family.

After hearing GuildMaster’s CEO, Steve Crowder, say her name as the winner on a conference call yesterday, Blevins, who works for In Detail in Dallas, said, “I’m here, but I’m not believing it….Oh my goodness. Thank you so much.”

The contest will also award the same prize to a participating retailer, and more than 500 retailers entered the contest. The winner will be announced this Friday, when Crowder personally visits them to let them know they won.

Announced in September, the GuildMaster Amazing Race contest offered a dream trip around the world to one retailer and one sales representative. For every $1,000 in GuildMaster product purchased by a retailer or sold by a sales representative, one entry was earned—so that the chance to win increased with the value of the orders. The trip will include stops in nine of the top global fashion capitals—to be determined by GuildMaster’s Facebook fans—or the winner can elect to receive $10,000 instead.

Crowder said that as far as he knows “no furniture company in history has ever given away a trip around the world or $10,000 to a sales rep in a contest.” In September, he said about the contest, “With the current state of the economy, it’s time to step out and celebrate success with something that is both fun and adventuresome.”        

This is GuildMaster’s third tour contest. In 2009, Crowder met face-to-face with more than one hundred retailers for the inaugural GuildMaster on Tour. Last year, GuildMaster’s second tour recognized outstanding retail displays across the U.S. and supported the favorite charities of the winning dealers.