Nourison to Celebrate Baker’s 80th Birthday at High Point

Owen Baker

Owen Baker

SADDLE BROOK, N.J.–Owen Baker, who has worked at Nourison for almost a decade and is its western regional manager, will turn 80 years old tomorrow, and the company will celebrate his birthday at the upcoming High Point Market with a private, internal dinner with employees.

“Owen is like fine wine that seems to just get better with age,” said Alex Peykar, principal at Nourison. “Honestly, when it came to the decision to promote him earlier this year [to western regional
manager], age was never a consideration for us. He has worked hard, achieved a lot, and truly deserved the honor purely on merit.”

Baker has a long career in the carpet and rug industry, and joined Nourison almost a decade ago. He received Nourison’s 2011 Salesperson of the Year Award in December, and was promoted to his new position in January.

“To use a rug term, Owen is truly a one-of-a-kind,” remarks Gerard O’Keefe, vice president of sales at Nourison. “He not only sold the most last year, he physically assembled the most displays in the
field. Owen is special. He puts many younger reps in this industry to shame with his work ethic.”

Baker himself said, “As long as the prospect of the making the next sale or finalizing the next deal still excites and motivates me, I will be out there selling. I love what I do, and I guess that is one
of the things that keep me young.